why some patients choose saline implants

Why Some Patients Choose Saline Breast Implants

According to the American Medical Association, breast augmentation is still the number one plastic surgery procedure in the world. Why do some patients choose saline breast implants over silicone? Here is a quick guide to help you determine benefits:

  1. Cost: Some patients choose saline breast implants because of cost. Saline breast implants are typically less expensive than silicone breast implants. When a patient opts for breast augmentation surgery, the doctor has to order the implant from the manufacturer that has been selected by the patient. Saline implants can be $1000 to $1500 less expensive then silicone implants, and this savings should be passed on to the patient where it is reflected in price.
  2. Rupturing: Another reason why some patients choose saline breast implants is because of rupturing. Infrequently and rarely, rupturing of the implant occurs. Saline implants are filled with a salt water solution that is easily absorbed by the body. And whereas, silicone implants do not cause cancer, reproductive issues or long term health care issues, some patients just feel more comfortable with salt water in their bodies.
  3. A different look and feel: Some patients choose saline implants because they provide a different look and feel from silicone implants. Silicone implants, typically, look and feel more natural whereas saline implants tend to look rounder and feel tighter. Again, this is a personal preference of the patient.

saline breast implant example before and after

saline vs silicone breast implants

4. Notice the difference? Looking at the above photos carefully you may remark that the above saline example appear rounder and sit higher on the chest. The lower two examples, which are silicone sit more naturally on the chest and more naturally resemble a contoured breast.

5. Personal Choice: Choosing saline breast implants comes down to personal choice. It is typically what the patient is comfortable with and what look the patient desires. When you choose Body Cosmetica, our board certified plastic surgeons are going to allow you the opportunity to touch and to feel the difference between silicone and saline. This occurs during consultation.

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