When Can I Return To Work After A Butt Lift?

When can I return to work after a butt lift?


It’s mostly women who are very much interested in going through the Brazilian Butt lift. This is to boost their self-confidence after having an improved and well contoured body shape. Those who went through this procedure can attest to the fact that they have admired themselves even more with their new shape. They have also improved their self-confidence, they have a better self-esteem and they have learned to admire their body too after years of hiding their flabs through the clothes that they wear.


The Brazilian butt lift or butt augmentation surgery will make your body look young with prominent butts. It will result in a more sensual body.  This comprehensive approach to butt sculpting is sought after by mostly women. There are things to keep in mind before and after the procedure. The night before the surgery, you will be getting a call from the doctor’s office to make sure that you are feeling good and to assess if you are ready to go through the procedure. This is the best time to ask for question if there’s still anything that seems unclear to you about the procedure that you will go through.


The doctor will instruct you on what to do before the procedure. Being on a strict diet and calorie counting is required, but you may also be stopped from doing so to be able to have a better healing. Those who are obese may be asked to lose weight prior to the butt lift.  Those who have been taking herbal supplements or slimming pills and teas should stop prior to the procedure to make sure that the healing process will go through smoothly. The recovery process will take some time, but the doctor will guide you and instruct you on what you need to do afterwards. The recovery period is the hardest part after the Brazilian butt lift. It is because you cannot sit on your butt for 10 days or so after the procedure. There may be swollen parts and bruises too. It will bring you discomfort and you may need to take a pain reliver to ease the pain.


The recovery process merely depends on the extent of the surgery and if any other treatments were made by the doctor. He/she will be the one to provide you with a more detailed explanation about the post-operative instructions and care. A lot of people who went through the Brazilian butt lift went through a week or 2 off from work. But that depends on the procedures you went through. That depends on your body condition too. Some may be able to go to work after 2 weeks, while some needs around a month or so before they can go back to work. You will be asked by the doctor to wear a compression garment for weeks after the surgery. This is to lessen the swelling and to boost the blood circulation.  This will also boost proper and fast healing.



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