When can I Return to the Gym after Liposuction?

Typical answer: about a month.

It might sound opposing, but a lot of patients who went through liposuction procedure have active lifestyles. Most of them are healthy and they are doing their routines on a regular basis. However, that cannot lose fat in some parts of the body even if they exercise all the time. Liposuction is an option for those who are really overweight, but it is normally done to be able to treat some parts of the body that are really troublesome.  Liposuction can be used as a treatment to gynecomastia, love handles, inner & outer part of the things and tummy too.  If you consider going through a lipo, you have to bear in mind that there is a recovery procedure that you must consider. This may hinder you from doing your regular routine right away.  So, when is the best time to go back to the gym after a lipo?

When can patient go back to his/her normal activity after a lipo depends from one patient to another.  As far as work is concern, the patients normally go back to their normal life after 2 days, but that does not involve carrying heavy objects. That is also dependent on the extent of the work that you will do.  You need to give your body a chance to heal.  Liposuction is a surgery that will require you to heal first especially if you went through multiple liposuction where most parts of the body is involved.

The amount of fat cells that was removed can also affect the healing time. Normally, you will still feel the sore, uncomfy feeling after sometime, but these will be gone after sometime. It will take you 3 months to make the swelling go and you may feel a little different too during those times.  You will be asked by the doctor to go through some light activities for 4 weeks. That is even if some might start doing so after 2 weeks of the surgery.  But, when is the best time to go back to the gym?

Those who are fond of going to the gym might worry so much about not being able to do their usual routine for quite a while. Their motivation may be gone after sometime. But, exercising may boost your discomfort and soreness too. It is best to let the wound heal first before you go through your usual gym routine.  Every person will go through healing in process different from the others.  Some may be able to heal fast, while the others don’t.  You should try to do light workouts during the 1st month of the surgery. But, be sure to not engage in heavy activities like aerobics, biking and running.  You cannot use any form of machines to stay fit. The area that went through liposuction may be pulled. It will be best to discuss the matter with your doctor to know when is the best time for you to go back to the gym and do your usual routine.