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What To Look For In Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

One of the primary ways in which a prospective patient choose a plastic surgeon is through before and after photos. With regard to our site, for example, our before and after gallery is our most trafficked aspect of our site. Whereas plastic surgeons have a trained eye for looking at plastic surgery results, the average patient may be unfamiliar with how to view a before and after. Therefore, we have put together a simple guide: What to Look For In Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos.

  1. With regard to choosing a plastic surgeon it is still most important to check credentials. Choose a plastic surgeon that is board certified and a member for the American Society of Plastic Surgery.
  2. When Looking at Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos, here are few quick rules of thumb. For starters, when looking at a breast augmentation before and after photo, make sure the results are symmetrical. Symmetry is a very important concept in plastic surgery. A competent surgeon can create symmetrical results consistently.
  3. Are the results natural? This may be a matter of taste but good plastic surgery often looks natural, rather than “done.” In the era of Instagram, however, it is true that outrageous proportions are also popular. A super larger chest, and a super large backside buttressed with a tiny waistline appears to be the “Instagram Look”. Make sure that the plastic surgeon that you choose provides results that are consistent with your aesthetic.
  4. Are the results consistent? When looking at Plastic Surgery Before and Afters photos, look for consistency among the results. A good surgeon can reproduce exceptional results consistently. It is also true that surgeons tend to have their own style. This is especially true with procedures like nose jobs, face lifts, and boob jobs. Often you can tell which surgeon did what particular work by looking at the patients themselves.
  5. Where is the scar placed? When looking at Plastic Surgery photos, pay attention to the placement of the scar. Plastic surgeons are the rare surgeons who are highly trained to hide and minimize scars. This is particularly true if you are interested in a face lift, breast lift or a tummy tuck as these procedures tend to be more invasive and require more cutting, and therefore hiding and minimizing the scar requires more artistry.
  6. Make sure there are many photos to look at. When looking at Plastic Surgery before and after photos, you will want to ensure that the gallery is large. A few photos online may mean that the plastic surgeon does not specialize in the procedure that you may be considering, or it may mean that the best or optimal results are few. Maintaining an active and complete website is a good indicator that the Plastic Surgeon is up to date on the latest techniques and advances.