what is a mommy makeover

What Is A Mommy Makeover

Many patients ask what is a mommy makeover. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, mommy makeover has grown in popularity over the years. As such, the term “mommy makeover” has entered into our common vernacular.

A mommy makeover is a combination of procedures tailored to the patient that usually combines either a breast augmentation, a breast lift, liposuction, and/or a tummy tuck. After pregnancy, or multiple pregnancies, and breast feeding many women are ready to get their body back. During pregnancy the abdomen swells; breast feeding causes breasts to sag. The mommy makeover is designed to restore your body to its pre-pregnancy glory.

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When diet and exercise post pregnancy won’t restore your bodacious pluck, it may be time to consider a Mommy Makeover. Our board certified plastic surgeons will evaluate your body to determine which combination of procedures are right for you. Every mommy makeover is different and no two mommy makeover’s are the same. All mommy makeovers, however, do involve a combination of procedures. A typical mommy makeover combination would be: breast augmentation with lift, and tummy tuck or abdominoplasty.


A mommy makeover represents a total body transformation. As such, the results are often quite dramatic. A mommy makeover can signify a new lease on life.

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A mommy makeover is most typically performed under general anesthesia. An overnight stay is not necessary. Most patients go directly home after the procedure is complete.

The recovery time on a mommy makeover is similar to other plastic surgery procedures. Typically, the recovery time is two weeks. You will be required to go to one or two post operative visits. Physical exercise or hard manual labor should be avoided for 6 to 8 weeks.


Choose a board certified plastic surgeon in the United States for your mommy makeover. At Body Cosmetica we work with the best board certified plastic surgeons in the United States.

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