transgender breast augmentation

Transgender Breast Augmentation

As the population of transgender individuals grows, so too does the demand for transgender breast augmentation. In order to more fully transition from MTF many transgender individuals will opt for a breast augmentation procedure. As you may already know, a breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgical procedure that is designed to enhance your breasts. At this time, however, it is much easier for a woman to opt for a breast augmentation than it is for a man who is transitioning to a woman. Many Plastic Surgeons will require that patients opting for transgender breast augmentation fulfill the following:

Some plastic surgeons may require a Referral Letter from a licensed mental health professional.  If your surgeon does require this letter, it should contain the following:

  • Persistent, well-documented gender dysphoria
  • Capacity to make a fully informed decision and to consent for treatment
  • Age of consent (18) or meeting the WPATH SOC 7th Edition criteria for adolescents
  • Any significant medical or mental health concerns are reasonably well-controlled.
  • Documentation of at least one year of current and consistent estrogen hormone therapy
  • Your identifying characteristics
  • Their psychosocial assessment of you, including diagnoses
  • Duration of their relationship with you, including the type of evaluation, counseling, and therapy provided to date.
  • An explanation that criteria for surgery are met, and the clinical rationale for supporting your request for surgery.
  • A statement that you have given informed consent for chest surgery.
  • A statement that your mental health provider is available to contact for care coordination, including their telephone number or email.

Why Are there so many requirements for transgender breast augmentation:

At this time your insurance may cover the cost of a breast augmentation procedure. Patients who are paying out of pocket, however, i.e. cash will not be required to satisfy all of the above requirements. Make sure you choose a transgender friendly plastic surgeon who is board certified and is familiar with the MTF breast augmentation.

Transgender Breast Augmentation Techniques

One of the concerns of transgender patients is whether the skin will stretch to accomodate a large breast pocket. Skin is pliable tissue. As long as the patients request is for anatomically appropriate breast enlargement, the skin should appropriately stretch. Transgender patients looking for large breast enhancement may require two surgeries.

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