Showing My Girlfriends My New Breast Implants

Breast Implants: New Trends You Should Know About

Times have changed. Women are much more comfortable with their bodies. In fact, the current trend is for a much more natural breast silhouette. Stars like Pamela Anderson and Katie Price have been the first to follow the trend. Both stars had supremely impressive breast sizes that seemed anatomically-impossible, but both of them have reduced their breast sizes to a much more natural 32 C.

New Trends in Breast Augmentation Surgery 

Natural silhouettes are in as women become much more comfortable and accepting of their bodies. The likes of Katie Hudson, Sienna Miller and Jennifer Lawrence strutted on the red carpet with plunging necklines, but with their natural or normally-enhanced breasts and the trend has settled in. A few of the more popular breast enhancement trends we’ve been seeing are as follows:

Smaller Breasts – In the US and particularly in New York City, most women are opting for natural but smaller implants that are in the 200 cc range. These implants have been producing restored but naturally proportional, balanced- looking breasts in women. As a result, women in professional careers are now opting for breast augmentation surgeries that will not make them self-conscious or distinctly-different looking after surgery.

Lipoplasty or Fat Injections – Lipoplasty is much more popular at present. This is because the surgery is a two-fer. Women can remove fat from their hips or butts and get that fat reinjected in their breasts. This decreases problem areas like hips, tubby tummies, and butts but builds up the breast area naturally. Depending on the amount of fat that is removed, the breast area can be augmented to the required size.

Vampire Breast Lifts – Kim Kardashian is probably the one reality star that has given this procedure a huge popularity boost. In a vampire lift, unwanted fat is removed from fatty body areas. The fatty tissue is then cleaned and processed to remove stem cells which are transferred to the body area where volume is required. Stem cells colonize the area and start producing fatty tissue to build up the area.

Implant design is also changing. Research is still on to find natural implants that can be grown in-situ and which will adjust to the breast topography as quickly as possible. For example, breast implants with nested saline sacs are also being looked into along with saline implants and silicone gel nested implants.

Getting Great Results Is Now Possible

Regardless of how big you plan to make your breasts, you should work with your surgeon to understand what’s best for your body. As a general rule of thumb, taller women or women with a larger frame should get larger-sized implants to suit their body types. Similarly, for some women, saline implants or round implants may be better as they create a much more natural silhouette. Your surgeon will know exactly what kind of breast implant you require and they will recommend a natural size and shape.