Reducing and Diminishing Tummy Tuck Scars

In all kinds of surgery, there are scars involved. The incisions will turn into scars in due time. But, with proper care and by follow your doctor’s advice the scars you have from the procedure will be lessened, so they will not be noticeable anymore.  A flat tummy, well contoured waistline, smoother skin and even toned muscles on the tummy area will be achieved through the tummy tuck surgery. The skin will be elastic and leaner too. But the problem is the scars that the procedure will leave on your skin. How can you deal with it?  There are certain things to deal with the scars depending on the area affected.

At Body Cosmetica our Surgeons are the most highly trained and know how to minimize scarring. In addition we have lasers available post procedure that will reduce and diminish the scar

  1. Pelvis

Even if you had a mini or full type of surgery in this area, you will have a scar that will be horizontal. It will run from the lower abdominal area from one hip to another. The scar may differ in length and it might just be a few centimeters, which is quite the case for those who have had the mini tucks. The scar might be at the spot where the C-section can also be found.

  1. Belly button

A full tummy tuck procedure will allow you to have a scar around the belly button area. the scar will be noticeable at first, but in time, you will see that it will just go away. That is because it will blend with your belly button.

  1. Lower abdominal area

In some rare instances, you might have a scar that will run from the belly button part going down to the place where the cut is located.

Understanding a scar

It is a mark that was brought about by surgery during the healing period. But it may take some time before it will disappear. The formation of scar comes in various stages.

The initial stage is closure.  This is the stage in which the skin is broken due to incisions brought about by the tummy tuck procedure. The body will make a collagen fiber to be able to fill it in keep it close. This stage may take 3-4 weeks.

The second part is called the establishment. Collagen will continue to build up at the wound area, thus it will be secured and strengthened. To sustain the formation, the blood supply to the area will level up. These factors will make the scar darker, visible and thicker in texture. It will take 3-6 months before it will diminish.

The final part of the scarring is the maturity stage.  This is the part wherein as soon as enough collage has been formed at the place of the wound, some of it may break down and the supply of the blood will be lessened.  The scar will become thinner, not prominent anymore and it will also be flat.  This process may take 2 years to take place wherein the scar will reach its maturity but with lasers we can reduce and diminish the scar within months.