Mini Face Lift

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What Is A Mini Face Lift?

A mini face lift goes by many names: mini lift, lunch time lift, life style lift, short scar face lift, short incision face lift, or S- Lift. This is because the incision for a mini face lift is smaller. As such, a mini face lift is a smaller version of a face lift requiring less down time.

Who Is A Good Candidate For A Mini Face Lift?

Any one looking to roll back the ravages of time. The mini face lift is for an individual, man or woman, who is experiencing the onset of an aging appearance in the jowl region. A good candidate is an individual who wants to make a preemptive strike against the aging process or is looking for a less invasive face lift. Therefore, the age range of a mini face lift patient ranges from mid thirties to mid sixties.
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How Does The Mini Face Lift Procedure Work?

Different from a full face lift, the mini face lift uses a short scar incision in the natural fold of the ear. A small amount of skin is then excised from the area. The muscle layer is then tightened.
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What Are The Results and Recovery of A Mini Face Lift?

The results of a mini face lift can be dramatic or it can be a little nip and a little tuck. The recovery time is 7 to 10 days. You may be a little swollen but the incision may be hidden behind hair.

What is the Cost?

A short scar face lift typically cost less than a full face lift. The reasons are manifold. Less of the surgeons time is required to perform the procedure, and this translates into less operating room time, and less anesthesia. Therefore, a mini face lift can be thousands of dollars less than a full face lift. The average surgeons fee for a mini face lift is $6000 dollars.

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