How much weight can I lose from liposuction?

Anywhere between 8 and 20 pounds

After a liposuction, your new body shape will be revealed. But be cautious, because it is not permanent if you will binge again in eating. If the patient will not go through a diet, the amount of weight taken after the surgery will go back. Your money and efforts will all be in vain. Your figure will go back to normal or you will go even bigger. As you age and as your weight increase, the shape that you were able to achieve will not visible anymore. So, you need to take care of your body, especially after a liposuction. Most of the patients must not expect a drastic change in weight after the liposuction. But, because of the fats that will be taken from the body parts that will go through the procedure, there is an improvement in some areas of the body. Even if lipo is not known as a primary way to lose weight, in the process, the patients were able to lose some weight.

The fat cells that were taken from you will not go back anymore. The lipo process will get rid of the fat cells in a permanent manner. They will be taken off the body by suctioning them. If you will gain some weight again, the new fat cells will develop. With a few add on your weight, the current fat cells will become larger by gathering more fats in the current cells. But, with a boost of around 10% of body weight, you can just expect the new fat cells to develop in most parts of the body, that includes the parts where the lipo procedure in the past took place. As men and women gain weight, the number of fat cells get higher too. They are formed from the current connective tissues through a process. When they mature, and develop, the mature cells will develop into obesity.

What will happen if the person gains some weight after the lipo? The more weight you gain after the procedure, the less prominent the results will be. Normally, the patient may weigh less after the procedure by the amount of fat taken from him/ her. But, after an obese patient undergo 2 liposuctions with the same amount of weight taken from him/her the weight should be 10 pounds lesser. But, if the patient will gain eight pounds and so the weight will increase after a few months of undergoing the lipo the result will still be beautiful, but not excellent. If the patient will gain more than 10 pounds after the procedure, the will still look good and the clothes will still look good on him/her, but the results will not he one ones expected.

How much about of fats can be taken from the body through the liposuction? The maximum amount of fat that can be taken from you may be around six to eight pounds or it will be three to four liters of fat. Do you know that with the amount of fats taken from you daily can boost the risks of having complications? If the patient mandates the removal of more than 8 pounds of fat, it will be safe to divide the lipo into 2 different procedures with an interval of 1 month.