How Long Does A Brazilian Butt Lift Last?

How Long Does Brazilian Butt Lift Results Last?


If you are always looking in the mirror taking a glimpse of your body shape, you would want to have a quick change, but that is not as easy as it seems. Have you thought of going through some aesthetic procedure to have your body contoured? Well, a lot of women these days are going through the Brazilian butt lift.  This is also known as butt augmentation which can provide a fuller look of the butt. More women in New York City are planning to go through this procedure to be able to have a better-looking body without the risks involved because of implants.


This procedure is about eliminating fats from certain parts of the body through a liposuction. The doctor will re-inject the fats to the butts after certain processes involved to be able to volumize and reshape the butt. The skilled doctors in NY normally perform this type of procedure with anesthesia. But how long does the butt lift result lasts?  No one would want to pay huge amount of money for a procedure that will not last for long.


The life of the procedure merely depends on the doctor and the procedure used. Commonly, the patient’s goal matters the most. The surgeons will get rid of the fats and re-inject a certain amount in the butt area as needed by the butt to be able to reach the target amount. Not all of the fats will survive, but of course, the doctor knows the amount that will be able to survive. For the Brazilian butt lift using a local anesthesia, the surgeon will use some methods like the Vaser lipo which will give a better result for the transferring of the fats and its preservation to make the fat cells live longer. As soon as the fat tissue re-starts the blood supply, they will be able to survive, thus the but lift result will last longer.


Being the ideal candidate for the procedure matters the most too. The ideal type of patient will have enough amount of fat in the body to be able to transfer to the butt for the lift. The fats that you must have in the body should be adequate in amount and in quality to be able for the result to last longer.


The cooperation of the patient is also important. He/she must also be serious and very much committed when it comes to the post-operative process. This is very important to be able to make the results long lasting.  When a big amount of fat has been injected to the butt area, the shape and the size of the butts will be taken into consideration for the enhancement during the post-operative part. After the surgery, the patient must lessen the pressure and not be able to sit for a while to be able for the fat graft to survive. This phase of post operation is important. The blood cells after the surgery is still in the developing process. The cells need to mature overtime, the fat that was transferee must last for years.