How Long After Tummy Tuck Do I Wear A Compression Garment?

There are various kinds of garments meant for various stages of tummy tuck recovery. After the procedure, it is quite impossible for the patient to put on a compression garment without the zippers and the hook on. But it is the very first stage of compression garments.  It will take weeks before the swelling subside and for the patient to be comfy enough to wear the compression garment without the zippers.

These are the second stage garments that the patient must use. These garments are still meant to deal with the areas of the body after the surgery.  The third part is just after the tummy tuck. These garments are made for the patients to use regularly. They look like an athletic wear. Most of them look like camisoles that you can wear underneath your dress. These must be worn until the swelling is gone. It may take you 1 month to a month and a half before you’ll say goodbye to these garments.

How long does a patient needs to wear the compression garment?

The compression garments have been useful to those who went through the tummy tuck surgery. It is being used by the patients to lessen the swelling. These garments can also help prevent seronomas. They are being used to give support and comfort when properly worn. They are recommended until such time that the swelling is gone. The swelling stage of the surgery depends from one patient to another. The age, how you follow the doctor’s guidelines and the health condition of the patient plays an important role in the recovery process.

The garments must be worn for a month after the surgery. A lot of patients say that they feel good wearing them, since they can feel a level of support. Doctors do believe that the garment is really useful to the patients after a few weeks of the surgery. every doctor seems to have their own recovery method and garments required.  Some require their patients to wear binder for 5 days after the surgery and they will just ask the patients to stop wearing the binder after the follow up.

Once the initial swelling subsides, the patients will then be allowed to use the surgical garment that is normally premeasured according to the condition of the patient. Some will be asked to wear the garment for more than 1 month depending on the condition of the patient. The garments are important after the muscle repair, that will help in sustaining the healing process. It can also help in lessening the possibility of swelling and the possibility of seronoma development.

Some doctors ask their patients to use binders only after a tummy tuck that involves a liposuction. It’s because the binder is not possibly helping the supply of the blood to the abdominal flap. So, you will be asked by the doctor to wear it in a not so tight level in in a week time.  it is important to follow the doctor’s advice for a faster recovery time.