Face Lift New York

Face Lift New York

Choose Body Cosmetica for your Face Lift New York. We work with some of the most experienced board certified plastic surgeons in the nation. Many of our top ASPS Plastic Surgeons have 30 years of experience or more, specializing in Face Lift New York. We work with world renowned plastic surgeons in accredited facilities all over the country. We provide exclusive pricing and complimentary consultations in:

  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Illinois
  • Connecticut
  • Maryland

What is a Facelift? 

A Face Lift New York is a plastic surgery procedure that aims to correct and improve several areas of the face and neck. The Face Lift New York procedure elevates the midface (the cheeks), improves the lower face jowls, and defines the neck. In the neck it specifically corrects the platysmal bands that develop and picks up the sagging skin.

What is a Short Scar Minimally Invasive Facelift? 

Short-scar techniques generally utilize an anterior-only incision, or, less commonly, a posterior-only incision. While shorter scars are appealing, the limited incision lines themselves limit the access to the face and neck and also limit skin-excision options. Given these limitations, only about one in five patients is a good candidate for a short-scar lift. In the appropriate patient, a short-scar facelift can create an amazing change, with less dissection and less recovery.

*Indivual Results Vary

Am I a Good Candidate For Face Lift New York? 

If your facial skin appears sagging or loose, you may be a good candidate for a facelift surgery. The doctor can examine you to determine if you need a full or a mini Face Lift New York procedure to address those aging signs. If the aging signs on your face, chin and neck areas cannot be reduced using dermal fillers, the doctor is likely to recommend this procedure. You should be in good health without any medical conditions that can increase risks or result in serious complications with your surgery. You shouldn’t be a smoker, and the doctor may also request you to stop drinking alcohol some weeks before and after surgery.

Will I have Scars?

Facial scars are usually well hidden at the base of the hairline and the contours around the ears. For men, the risk of scarring is higher because the incision is placed in front of the ears to avoid sliding up hair-bearing skin into the ears.

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