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Could Frequent Sitting Affect Brazilian Butt Lift Results?

Could Frequent Sitting Affect Brazilian Butt Lift Results?

Overview The popularity of the Brazilian butt lift is not a secret anymore with the number of women going through this procedure in the US alone. The Brazilian butt lift or better known as the Brazilian butt augmentation is an invasive type of surgery. It is a process where the patient will go through a liposuction procedure to extract his/ her fat from some parts of the body where fats are prominent. After that, the fats taken will be processed and will then be injected to the butts. There will be additional liposuction process around the butt area to contour and reshaped the butts to make them more prominent and youthful.
Primary recovery

The patient may expect bruises and swelling in the affected parts of the body where fats were taken. Pain medications will be given along with medicines to prevent constipation. But every patient will recover from a surgery in different ways. Some may be able to walk after a day or two, while some may do that after a week or two.

After the procedure, the surgeon will place a compression garment in the body parts where liposuction was conducted. It is important for the patient to wear the garment for 2 months. That will make sure that the body parts will heal accordingly. The garment can also help in lessening the swelling and the discomfort of the patient. It will help in retracting the skin too. This garment will not destruct the fat grafts before they turn into solids.

Could frequent sitting affect Brazilian Butt lift results?

The doctor will order you to not sit straight on your butts for 2 months after the process. You will be asked to sleep on your sides or on your stomach first during the first few weeks after the surgery. If you need to sit, be sure you use the donut type of pillow or better yet use an inflatable one. Put it behind your legs. That will help you prevent pressuring the fat graft by elevating the butts. You need to keep these things in mind to make sure that the results you have expected will be achieved.

If you will sit straight on the butts after a few days of the procedure, the blood circulation will be affected. Less blood circulation may also ruin the fat cells that has been transferred to the butts. But, it must be taken into consideration that more than 40% of the transferred fat might not be able to survive even if the patient who went through the surgery hasn’t sat down for weeks. The first 8 weeks of recovery is very crucial. It is essential to use a pillow whenever you sit and do not sit for a long period of time. You are also advised to sleep on your sides or stomach on the first 8 weeks after the procedure. Follow your doctor’s advise to make sure that the result you would like to have will be achieved after a few weeks or so.

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