Can I breast feed after breast augmentation?

Yes you can.

Break feeding after a breast augmentation is not something new anymore. The doctors will tell you that it is possible to do so after the surgery. A lot of women have some milk, but some might not have enough supply for their first baby to feed on them. There is a current study that says 1 out of 5 women have had breast implants do not breastfeed their babies.  The researchers speculated that those women might be worried that their implants may rupture or the materials may be found in the breast milk traces. Well, in this article, this question will be answered.

It has been a typical misconception for a woman who has breast implants that she cannot breastfeed her child. But the truth is that there are lots of women who had successfully breastfed their babies and there are no negative effects at all.  It is just important that the doctors tell their patients about it or better yet ask their patients first if they are breastfeeding or would like to breastfeed their babies. They need to know the truth behind it.

Will breastfeeding change the shape of the breasts that went through augmentation? It is quite hard to know the changes in the breasts after the augmentation when the woman goes through breastfeeding. As a rule of the thumb, women with small breasts may expect less change after breastfeeding when compared to those with bigger breasts. There are certain factors that affects the size of the breasts after breastfeeding and that involves the elasticity of the skin, the quality of the skin and genes too.

Those who were asking if how much time do they need to wait before they can get pregnant or before they can breastfeed their child after the augmentation must not overthink. It is because you are given 6 months to 1 year before you can get pregnant. This is to allow the breast to completely settle before you get pregnant.  The recovery time may differ from one patient to another, so it is essential to be prepared for it.  But does the process affects the quality of the milk?  Well, the quality of the milk among women who went through breast augmentation will not be affected. Just as long as you did the operation with a respected surgeon and there has no damage to the milk ducts or even the nerves after the surgery there will be no effect on the milk supply and milk quality.  It pays to discuss this matter to your doctor ahead of time.