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Bad Credit Plastic Surgery Loans

Many patients who want plastic surgery and are looking to finance their procedure(s) have low or bad credit. While we do work with financial providers who can help patients with bad credit plastic surgery loans, some patients continue to struggle with obtaining an approval. Whereas, this may seem like the end of the line as far as your dream cosmetic procedure goes, there are still options available. At Body Cosmetica we are invested in our patients. To that end, we can help patients with low or bad credit obtain great approvals from a credible financial lender. We work with organizations that help improve your credit quickly and inexpensively. Once your credit score has improved you can reapply for financing with us.

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Not every patient is a candidate for surgery on the day of consultation. Their may be medical reasons that disqualify a patients such as a too high BMI or Body Mass Index, or there may be financial considerations that make it more difficult for you to make the financial commitment that you wish to today. Just as with patients who may not be a medical candidate on the day of consultation, more often than not, with our commitment we can help you achieve candidate for surgery status. Our patient coordinators work with patients to help them shed the extra pounds the plastic surgeon deems necessary in order for them to qualify for surgery. The same is true of low or bad credit candidates for surgery who may not have the cash on hand to commit to surgery today. Our patient coordinators will continue to work with you to help you improve your credit score.

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Just because you are denied financing in the first round, we are committed to helping you achieve your cosmetic dreams. We have worked with many patients from all over the country, and have helped them improve their credit scores so that they may obtain the right financing for the surgery. The result is a patient who has received their cosmetic dream, and who has improved their credit score for the long run.

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