When can I return to work after a tummy tuck?

When can I return to work after a tummy tuck?


Going back to work after a tummy tuck is one of the immediate concerns of most people nowadays who went through the treatment. Going back to work after a tummy tuck will merely depend on the nature of your work. Those who will be sitting by their table and has nothing heavy to lift can go back to work after a week if there is no complication after the surgery. How the wound is healing is another thing to consider along with the drains. The recovery time for the patients who went through the procedure depends on the level of the surgery. Those who went through a major tummy tuck procedure needs ten days to fully recover from the said procedure. But, the decision will still depend on the doctor.

Tummy tuck recovery

There are certain factors that may help you find out when is the right time to go back to work after the tummy tuck process. Some of the most essential ones may include your level of fitness, the extensive procedure that the doctor did to you, how physical your job is and your tolerance to pain may dictate the day you will go back to work. Normally, 10 to 15 days is the normal recovery time. You can go back to work after 15 days of resting for a desk job only. But you are not allowed to overwork, because your body is still in the recovery period.

Coming back to work after a tummy tuck

It is just probable to come back to work a week after the procedure, but be sure there is no heavy lifting required of you at the office. You will easily get tired than the usual after the surgery. You need to keep in mind that you are not yet 100% functional after a week of tummy tuck. You may even find it hard to stand for a long time during those times. There are still sores, though the pain may not be visible anymore. You can take NSAIDs if there is pain. You need to wear the garment for work, that is a requirement that you cannot omit. Most of the patients can get inside and outside of the car after a week of the procedure, while some can go up and down the stairs. But, not all can do these things and you are not required to do so.

The possibility of working after 1 week of tummy tuck

You can go back to work after 1 week, but you must be well motivated to do so. It may be possible for those who are determined and are not into a strenuous activity. For those who have a physical job or you are into driving all the time you are not required to work after a week. It may take you 2 weeks or so to give enough time for the surgery to heal. You will feel uncomfy after the surgery, but that depends on the laxity of your muscles. For some people, they plan to take a leave from work for a week or 2. You can do this as well if you are determined to get back on track right away.

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