What Is Abdominal Etching?

What is abdominal etching?

A washboard type of tummy is truly hard to achieve, that’s due to the fact that even the well-conditioned muscles may be hidden by the layers of fat. Abdominal etching is a kind of surgery that is safe and will provide you with prominent abs.  This procedure will accentuate the current muscle by getting rid of the fats thus it will produce your most wanted 6 pack abs.  If you are interested in this kind of procedure, you need to find out if you are a candidate. Since the process will get rid of the fat lines to show off the normal muscle tone, the best candidate must have well-toned abdominals to be able to emphasize the etch. The best candidates are those who went through a tummy tuck surgery or those who went through a liposuction surgery. Abdominal etching will make them achieve the look that they wanted. Those who considers this procedure should stick in a modified diet and activities, because the lifespan of the results will depend much on it.

Abdominal etching is not just for men, even women now undergo this procedure. It has been famous among men who wish to have a more defined look. A plastic surgeon will be the one to get rid of the last layers of fat to etch the abs and make the tummy muscles show off in a more prominent manner. It may be hard for women to achieve the leaner look especially at the tummy area.   The surgeons will do the etching to come up with 6 pack tummies that is based on the contours of women. It will cost you around $3,000- $10,000 for the said treatment, but that varies depending on some factors like the amount of fat has been removed, where the surgery took place the professional fee of the doctor, anesthesia and others.

The etching process that will be done on the abdominal area will last for around 1 hour. It may be done through an outpatient process and it will be dune under a local anesthesia, but your surgeon will determine if you will be needing a general anesthesia. Before the surgery takes place, the doctor will draw an outline on the tummy muscles and use the lines to be the guide during the surgery.  While the surgery is ongoing, some small cuts will be made in the naval or the normal creases of the tummy will be used.  A cannula or a small tube will be inserted in the cuts to etch the abs by getting rid of too much fats through the lines of the tummy muscles of the patient. the 4-5 remaining scars will be so small.

If you are very much concern with the recovery time, it will take you a few weeks to recover from the surgery. You will be needing to wear a compression garment which must only be taken off when you take a bath. During the lipo recovery, the patients will suffer from swelling, bruising and pain.  That may be eased by Rx and a post-operative care must be observed. Limiting the amount and time of exercises should be observed. Weight lifting is not yet allowed during the recovery process. The full result will show off after 6 months.



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