What Are Typical Costs of A Butt Lift In New York?

How Much Does a Brazilian Butt Lift in New York Cost?


Those who are not happy anymore about the look of their butts may now boost their figures through the butt lift surgery. This procedure will change the size, looks and shape of the buttocks. This is meant for those who have lost a lot of weight and those who have aged and suffers from skin sagging. This will dramatically improve the looks of the butts. But lift is an invasive procedure that is meant to meet the demands of every patient depending on their needs. Those with sagged skin may choose the traditional incisional butt lift, but those who would like the augment may go through the Brazilian butt lift process. This procedure will make the butt firm, sexy and well lifted again.


To be able to contour the body and to make it proportioned, the butt lift may also be combined with some other procedure like the abdominoplasty or breast lift. This procedure is a mixture of liposuction with grafting of fats that is being sucked from unwanted places like the thighs and belly. The invasive process will use the patient’s own body fats, that way it will look more natural on the augmented butts. The Brazilian butt lift is a kind of butt augmentation process that will make the patient young, will result in a prominent buttocks and will look more sensual too.


The Brazilian butt lift cost in New York


The cost of the Brazilian butt lift depends on various factors. First, the state where the procedure will be done, next is how many parts of the body will go through the liposuction. There are only prominent parts of the body that’s prone to fat build up and these are the thighs and the belly. But of course, there are people with generous fat distribution. In that case, more body parts must go through the liposuction. In New York, the average cost of the procedure is around $4,000 to around $12,000, but that depends on where you are in New York. Some patients were asked to pay $6,000 to 8,000 in some areas. The cost may vary depending on the location, hospital and surgeon. In the total cost of the procedure, the cost for the professional fee of the surgeon, anesthesia, anesthesiologist and post operative materials are all included.


The extraction of fat, processing and re-injection to the butts


It is a fact that liposuction will be performed. The butts will be contoured in parts that will make them prominent. After the extraction of fats, the fats will be used to graft the butts. During the fat processing, the fat will be suctioned and then will be processed accordingly. It will go through a process that involves purification, through decanting as well as centrifugation. Only a part of the donor fat that was eliminated from the body will be qualified for the next process, which is the re-injection to the butts. In a lot of instances, around 25 percent of the fat cells that were taken from the patient’s body will be used for re-injection. This is one of the reasons why there are 2-3 parts of the body that must go through the liposuction process to be able to get enough fats to be used for the augmentation process.



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