Plastic Surgery For My Teenager, What Is The Story?

Plastic Surgery For My Teenager, What Is The Story?

Your daughter is in school. She is barely 14 or 15. But all she could think about is how to get that perfect bikini body. Well it is not something very un-common nowadays. Teenagers today grow up fast. They learn things at lightning speed and from and have immense knowledge about various scientific progressions.

We might not know about the latest surgery that’s trending but sure do our daughters. They are following various perfect sized celebrities on Twitter and Facebook which excites them more to become attractive. No harm in looking good, is there?

The three most important questions that you need to ask- 

Why- the answer to the question is really very difficult? Teenagers in our world are quite attracted towards plastic surgery. They belong to the 21st century where they want things to be done fast and perfectly. There is no other natural way which will alter you or your body in such less time like a plastic surgery. The real reason for teenager to be in favor of plastic surgery is become beautiful. They want the attention and liking of everyone in school and home.

How- Your teenager has a way of doing things that is different from the adults. They like things that are modern and instant. They like results and what can give you results better than a plastic surgery. The best way for a teenager to get a plastic surgery done is by convincing you – their parents how much the surgery means to them. You need to understand their emotional understanding, maturity and a level of commitment. Take a call if you are reassured that your teenager is brave and old enough to make her own decisions. Take her to the best surgeon and give her a great experience, a new life and a new identity she so craves.

What– a plastic surgery is not a way of turning yourself into a fake human. Many people who see plastic surgery in a negative light need to understand that it helps a lot of teenagers in many ways. It brings closure to teenagers who lack confidence and are detested by the world for their short-comings.

It gives the teenagers a new life by granting their wish of looking beautiful. It is seen as a boon in the history of medical science. Teenagers who are taunted by their peers for their short-coming see a ray of hope in plastic surgery. So what should a parent do? You need to discuss with your teenager(s) and help make them a fruitful decision.

God might have given humans some flaws but modern science is giving everyone a chance to get their physical flaw corrected. Teenage is one of the most important stepping stones in everyone’s life. You can either give your teenager a chance to live it happily by making changes or detest it throughout life. Give your teenager a chance to live a new life, love a new body and be more confident and happy – ready to take on the world.