Is plastic surgery part of healthy living?

Is plastic surgery part of healthy living?

While we cannot categorically say yes, it is neither no. In a way, the answer is both yes and no because a patient whose only hope of survival is hinged on plastic surgery will definitely live a healthier life if the procedure is successful. On the other hand, a complication arising from plastic surgery procedure will lead to unhealthy living and regret. People do not opt for plastic surgery to improve their state of health. Most people prefer it when they are dissatisfied with their looks.

You must check your reasons for going for plastic surgery to determine if you are on the right track because we are not all the same. If you have undergone mastectomy and you feel uncomfortable going bare like a man, then, you can go for plastic surgery procedure although medical practitioners do not encourage it. The procedure itself does not guarantee healthy living but the satisfaction and fulfillment you derive from the result can indirectly have influence on healthy living. For someone who has birth defect or who is a war survival with lots of injuries, plastic surgery can improve the health of such an individual.

Reasons plastic surgery may not be part of healthy living

If you are considering plastic surgery, then you may have to consider the following because it may be far from your expectation:

  • It can be risky. We often see successful procedures with beautiful looks without considering what might be going on, on the inside. For every procedure that results in tampering with your natural self, some aspects of your body such as the nerves may be destroyed. Also, there is the possibility of scars, blood clot, infection and other serious complications. Some people have come to realize the pains of having to undergo the procedure in hard ways. What you call a little eyes or nose job can lead to permanent deformity that is not reversible. For example, Marilyn Leisz carried out similar easy procedure in her eyes which led to further 30 procedures for corrective measure to no avail. This has caused her to stare still without blinking.
  • The recovery process. It is not enough to have a dream of bigger boobs, butts and others like that. You must also remember that the recovery process, if the procedure is successful can cause some serious drawback you may not have bargained for. For every plastic surgery procedure, there is an estimated recovery period in which you are restricted to carry out some tasks. Without being restricted, your body weakness will dictate every step.
  • Emotional trauma. Because of complications that may arise or the effect of tampering with your natural self, you may live in depression and condemnation all your life. Have you thought of that? You cannot tamper with your original self and still remain you. Plastic surgery changes you from whom you’ve been to another person entirely, a procedure you cannot reverse. Even if it is reversed, it cannot be the real you. This has led to some people repeating the procedure with records of more damage.