How much is a Facelift?

It is common for people to use the word ‘facelift’ to describe the plastic surgery procedure relating to the face. While it is not restricted only to the facial aspect, the neck is another area related to this procedure. The medical term for this procedure is ‘rhytidectomy’. It counters all forms of visible ageing signs while making necessary improvements around the face and neck regions.  Some of the health reasons people go for this procedures include: The presence of loose skin as well as the deposition of excess fat under the jaw and chin areas that gives the appearance of double chin, some sagging signs in the middle of patients’ faces, the possibility of loss of skin tone creating jowls around the lower face, the possibility of deep creases under the lower eyelids, the presence of disappeared or fallen fat and the possibility of deep creases along the nose that extends to the mouth. While some of these challenges can be caused by ageing factor, it can also be as a result of stress, some environmental conditions, heredity or gravity.

It is not advisable for patients to choose their surgeons based on cheap procedures because that can have detrimental effect on the desired outcome and other things. Rather, patients should opt for the service of qualified surgeons with whom they are sure of safety. Some surgeons charge differently depending on what the patient wants. You can’t expect the same cost for a patient who is planning on 2 or 3 facial treatments and someone going for a single treatment. Apart from what the patient plans to undergo, another factor is the surgeon itself. The prices of facial surgery depend largely on the surgeon. While some are quite expensive depending on their years of experience and expertise, others are cheaper. The years of practice and the number of assisting staff to be settled at the end of the month will determine the total cost. Another factor is the geographical location of the surgeon. While some expert surgeons residing in a particular location may be expensive due to their facility and the type of recent equipment and technology being used, others who are still experts but located in different areas may have reasonable prices.

Whatever the factor surrounding your choice of surgeon, ensure he/she is board-certified and have carried out similar procedure with evidences because any bad job may not be easily corrected except with expert surgeons or a wait for sufficient fats to gather in that region. For how long would you manage a bad face job and wait for accumulation of another fat? This is why you shouldn’t risk your looks and general well being for cheap services. It is advisable for a patient to find out the total coverage of a given cost as some surgeons usually streamline it. An average face job may vary from $5000 to $50,000. While some of the cost may just cover the procedure alone, you must find out the details from your chosen surgeon to determine the total coverage of his stated cost.