How Long Does A Facelift Last?

How Long Does a Facelift Last?


By Ryan Bloch
Every face is different from one another. Every doctor is different too. The result of every facelift varies too. With the talented hands of the cosmetic surgeon and with a healthy life, a facelift will enable you to enjoy younger looking years. But, the precise number of years it will make you look young and beautiful will depend on some factors. Most of those factors are in your control. The longevity of a facelift actually depends on some factors like your age and your skin. Those with heathy y darker skin tone during the time of the procedure will respond way better than those with fairer and unhealthy skin. Those that are younger than 60 years old may enjoy longer results.
The skills of the surgeon along with the kind of facelift that the patient does receives also matters the most. Some surgeons say that if the procedure is invasive, the longer the recovery time will be and the longer the results will be enjoyed by the patient too. For instance, a full facelift will provide the patient with a result of around 5-6 years. Most of the doctors who are in this field of medicine have discovered that the facelift mixed with a fat transfer and comes with skin resurfacing will be able to enjoy double number of years that the facial transformation will last.
The mini kind of facelifts or what they call the S lifts will hit on the wrinkles and sagging part of the skin by making them tight. Those who are still younger and were able to suffer from premature aging normally pick the mini lifts. It is less invasive than the full kind and the result is also minimal. The results normally last for 2-5 years. The doctors say that there are methods being used for full facelifts. They will tackle on the wrinkles and the sagging around the neck particularly at the jaw and the area of the cheek. That will be done through incisions at the front part of the ears or it may also be done behind the ears.
While the facelift is ongoing, the surgeon will lift and will make the underlying facial muscles tighter. The doctor will get rid of too much fat or the skin that contributes to the aged skin appearance. Facelifts may also be mixed with some other processes such as injections. That is to bring back the volume or eye lift or brow lift may also be accompanied by the facelift. That will depend on the skin of the patient and the skills of the surgeon too. The technique that will be used by the doctor with regards to the facelift normally lasts for 5-12 years or so.
But you must be mindful, because the natural aging course will go on even after the surgery. Aging is inevitable, no one can actually control it. But, skilled doctors and with proper maintenance and care of the patients to their body looking 10 years’ younger is not hard to do.

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