What Is the Recovery Time On A Facelift?

What is the recovery time on a facelift?

In the facelift process, there are stages involved in the recovery process.  After the surgery, you have to know what to do, when and how to do it to be able to heal fast and get to enjoy the result of the surgery. your surgeon will tell you and will explain to you the different stages of the facelift recovery. It will be in detail for you to be able to understand what to do and what to expect after the surgery.

First stage – post operative care

On the first stage which is also known as the post-operative care, you will be asked to rest, but that does not mean you will be in a complete bed rest. It is important to take things easy during the first 7 days of your recovery period. There should also be someone to assist you during the first day of your recovery. This is very crucial, since you might be uneasy to move due to pain. there will be swelling, bruising and the first 3-4 hours after the operation will make you feel odd and you will not be able to get up and move around.  There will be pain medicines to help you manage the discomfort that you have after the facelift. The medicines should be taken on a schedule to control the stiffness and the soreness too after the surgery.  You also have to move and go around, that will help you recover quickly, but do it lightly.

2nd stage – days 7 to 14 post-operative care

On the 7th to the 14th day after the surgery, you will feel better and there will be progress too. It is just normal to have bruises and swollen parts of the face and even around the neck area.  Some says that there are also swelling that may show off behind the ears during the 2nd week of recovery. Some of the patients even reported that there is a sensation, but these are all normal.  The bruises and swollen parts of the body will start to go away on the 4th day of the recovery period. However, the real progress will show off on the 2nd and on the 3rd week of the post operation. Even if things will then start to improve at this time, you have to give yourself a week or even 2 to heal.  It will take you a year or 2 to be able to see the final result.

3rd stage – days 15 to 30

In the 3rd and 4th week of your recovery time, the cuts will start to improve. They may seem to be bulky while the sutures are still in place will then start to settle down. Even if most of the patients are ready to go back to work, you can still experience some swelling in some parts of the face. This is just typical and will get to subside after sometime. The healing process will differ depending on the patient.  You will look better after 3 weeks and be able to get back to your regular activities and go back to work too. But, be sure to not engage yourself in a strenuous activity. That’s because your cuts will continue to heal. You also need to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun after the facelift. Too much sun exposure will lead to premature skin aging. You can apply light make up to cover for the cuts, or you can just let them be with your hair on. The scar will be gone after a year or so.



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