Has Iggy Azalea Had Cosmetic Plastic Surgery?

Has Iggy Azalea Had Cosmetic Plastic Surgery?

Popularly known by her stage name, Iggy Azalea, her real name Amethyst Amelia Kelly has gone under cover.  Born on June 20, 1990 in Sydney, Australia, she is an Australian rapper, model and songwriter. As for the question of having undergone plastic surgery procedure for which she had been invasive to respond to, she has finally agreed explaining that it was a hard thing for a celebrity to live a private life going by various news and speculations.

She however advised those who want to undergo such procedures to give it a deeper thought as no one can, in real life, attain perfection when it comes to appearance. She pointed out that many people undergo it a younger ages only to dislike their looks at older ages. This is a food for thought though for those planning to undertake any of the surgery procedures.  Iggy decided on various surgery procedures after what she read online of successful attempt by others. According to her, she had been living with imperfection for some years especially her nose. So, she decided to go for a change.

While Iggy has done more than one surgery so far, no one knows if she is satisfied with her present look or she is still planning to go for more. Some of her pictures show she had had surgery in various parts of her body like breast, nose and chin. The breast augmentation was actually the first to come up. Since she agreed that there are many things about her she didn’t like and felt the only alternative is to opt for changes through surgery, then she is entitled to her opinion and decision. It is obvious that she changed her breast for personal reasons of being too small since she refers to her decision to be based on emotional ground. Whatever, we all know there are changes in that part of her body and she is probably happy with it.

Apart from the breast augmentation, she has recently been attacked on the social media for further changes especially in her nose. While she intentionally kept mute about this fact, she eventually admitted it is true since she prefers sincerity and honesty to anything else. Her pictures have betrayed her nose jobs which she has public accepted and cleared. So, another plastic surgery undergone by our amiable celebrity is nose job. This is settled.

Alongside the nose, she added another procedure to it, which is chin. All these have really caused a lot of changes in her look and appearance. It is her decision and hopefully she is happy about it. If she is satisfied, her fans and the public have no choice than to accept her as she desires to be.  Her many changes indicate the low self esteem she must have been suffering from because if a person has to change various parts of the body consecutively and also admit the fact that there are many things about her she didn’t like, then it calls for attention. We don’t know if she is going to undergo more since we don’t know if she has other imperfections she is struggling with.