Eating right, Working out, and Plastic Surgery

Eating right, Working out, and Plastic Surgery: Helping you towards a Healthier Lifestyle

We all crave for healthy living without knowing the prices to be paid. There is nothing as awesome as observing your grand mom and dad looking young and healthy despite their grey hair. Well, it’s not all grannies but some are quite agile and active. In our generation, we can have similar experience as it boils down to discipline. Do you get it? I mean discipline. Yes, it will help you to know what to eat and what not irrespective of your taste, choice and addiction. If your health is paramount to everything else then discipline will help you facilitate the desired result. In addition to that, you also need to maintain workout routine for healthy living. I’m often amazed at people who have disciplined themselves to have regular workouts. You can’t beat its power. Okay, that’s just by the way. Our focus is on plastic surgery patients. Hey! Have you ever thought of the role your diet plays in developing a healthy lifestyle after your procedure? When are you fit to start or resume your regular work outs?

After plastic surgery procedure, you need to slow down and rest a while before resuming your work outs no matter how much you miss doing it. Different procedures have different recovery period and you must ensure you are fit enough to start your exercise otherwise, it can lead to serious complications and opening up of incision, infection, serious scars and inflammation. Six weeks is usually recommended for plastic surgery patients to resume exercise but it is not an excuse to remain in bed as some less stressful ones can be done to aid the healing process. The major recommended work out at this level is short walks on daily basis with the aim of moving slowly to resuming the normal one. The essence of this work out at this level is to prevent deep venous thrombosis and blood clots. Work out resumption depends greatly on the type of procedure undergone and the body type. This is where your surgeon needs to be consulted for approval on when to begin and the extent it should take.

Eating right is one of the major factors leading to healthy living because we have more death in our pots and diets than anywhere else. Staying idle or inactive for the six weeks of bed rest after plastic surgery procedure implies cutting our diets to suit the inactivity and your best cut is carbohydrates. You may also cut down on your protein shakes and eggs for oatmeal especially for breakfast. Organic foods are very helpful in building every tissue of our body. They have been found to be nutritious and contain no harmful chemicals from pesticides to herbicides used in inorganic products. So, consume a great deal of them and you’ll be amazed at the result. Your surgeon and other assisting members of staff can be helpful in recommending quality diet for you. Don’t ignore their advice as your health is hinged on it.