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Body Cosmetica, New York is renowned for all its efficient and result yielding procedures like tummy tuck, breast augmentation, liposuction and butt lift.

Butt lift, New York is a sought after procedure for giving your butt an attractive lift to accentuate the overall figure. You may sometimes lose yourself in an array of butt lift procedure terms and processes, which is why Body Cosmetica, New York is here to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about this procedure.

To get the basics right before we get started, a butt lift is a cosmetic procedure that makes the butt look fuller to get that envy worthy voluptuous behind. Think of a certain Ms. J.Lopez, and you know what we are talking about.

So, let’s get to the FAQs. 

  1. What Does The Procedure Involve? 

Butt lift is the procedure of contouring one’s behind to make the butt fuller and curvier. The procedure involves a bit of liposuction too, as healthy fat from areas around the hips and other parts of the body is removed. This excess fat is then used in the butt to give it a fuller appearance with the right volume of fat. This will transform a saggy butt into a firmer and rounder one. 

  1. What Are The Pre-Requisites for the Procedure?

You need to be in an average healthy and steady weight range to pull it off. Even after the procedure, you can maximise the results by maintaining steady weight. Also there needs to be healthy fat present in your body for the lift. 

  1. How Lasting Are The Results of a Butt Lift? 

In the course of the butt lift procedure at Body Cosmetica, the fat that is taken out by liposuction is processed before injecting it into the butt. The injecting is done with utmost care and we are even more careful while contouring your butt because the results can last up to 30 years and more. But another fact you should be aware of is that your body will change as you age. If your body weight wavers in a wide range, this will be reflected in your butt too 

  1. Is a Butt Lift the Same as Having Butt Implants?

No, they are two different kinds of procedures. They both aim at butt augmentation but through different methods. Butt implants or gluteal implants involve silicone prosthesis being implanted into one’s butt to give it a smooth round or oval shape. There is no liposuction involved in this process and is preferred by those who do not have excess body fat. The butt lift involves contouring the butt using excess fat from the body to give flat or saggy butt volume and shape. 

  1. How Long is the Healing Phase? 

 Body Cosmetica, New York recommends rest for 14 days after the procedure to avoid any kind of complication that arises from moving or travelling. But this is a safe procedure and has one of the shortest healing phases with results that last for a lifetime.

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